Celebrating Rani's 50th Birthday
& KMI's 10th Anniversary

Rani is a daughter

Nanakuli, HI

Rani is a caregiver & certified Nurse's Aid to her Mom

Kapolei, HI

Rani is Generous & Kind

Braddah & Sistah from another MIstah

Rani Serves & Protects.

Honolulu Police Department

Rani is a good friend

The Golden Girls

Rani is committed to Life & Health as Certified Personal Coach

Nanakuli, HI

Rani is a Principal Massage Therapist

Kapolei Massage Institute

Rani is an Instructor who teaches Anatomy, Physiology, & Kinesiology

Kapolei Massage Institute

Rani is a Licensed & Clinical Massage Therapist

KMI Hawaii

Rani is a Coffee-Lover

Hilo, Hawaii

Rani is a Beat Partner & everybody's Sistahhh

Kaimuki, HI

Rani is a General Contractor...Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter, Landscaper and everything in between

Real Estate, HI

Rani is a Hardworker

Jack of All Trades

Rani is always ready to help others.

Stop Futtin' Around, HI


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