Mahalo For Your Support & For 10 Years of Memories!

Our Core Values

Principles & Values We Rely On

We are committed to providing quality learning opportunities that enable individual and community achievement and that are affordable and accessible for all members of our community.

We believe trust is an essential element in a safe and effective learning environment, so we promote and foster openness, honesty, respect, and fairness.

We recognize and celebrate diversity, so we value and support considerate meaningful communication and inclusiveness in the collaborative decision-making process.

We value collaboration and teamwork, so we foster caring, professional relationships among students, faculty, staff and community in an effort to expand partnerships.

We value continuous improvement, so we encourage innovation, creative problem-solving, and responsible risk-taking as we act courageously, deliberately, and systematically to enhance and enrich our learning environment.

We value students, faculty and staff, so we recognize their contributions, encourage their professional development, and regularly evaluate performance to improve learning outcomes, programs, processes, and services.

Mahalo to our Corporate & Community Partnerships for the many opportunities.

and mahalo to you, Hawai'i for allowing our massage students to serve you every day.