Career ACCESS Program

A program designed for the 21st Century Licensed Massage Therapist to succeed independently but not alone.

Massage Therapist


Are you a licensed massage therapist looking for a facility where you will be encouraged and supported to use your knowledge, skills, and training to provide customized massage to a variety of clients? 

Our goal is to build the perfect massage therapy family, where you WANT to come to work.  Because we were founded by massage therapists with old Hawaiian traditions, we do things just a little differently.  We'd love to show you what makes us special and unique.

Our Vision is to Help (holina), Heal (ho'ola) and Honor (hanohano) our community (and beyond) through the art of massage.

We offer a Full & Limited ACCESS Program designed for the 21st Century licensed massage therapists seeking flexibility and creativity in a professional program that encourages entrepreneurship and business growth. 

Join A Team Of Professionals That Promote:
                -  Create/Manage your own schedule.  Work as little or as much as you want.
                -  Freedom to be your own boss
                -  Unlimited income potential. 
                -  Supportive, consistent on-site leadership
We Offer A Supportive, Massage Therapist Environment
                 -  Convenient location in the Second City - Kapolei, Hawai'i
                 -  Limited Access to air-conditioned facility 3 days a week between 8am-10pm
                 -  Limited Access to Computerized keyless entry
                 -  Limited Access to a secured facility equipped with security surveillance 24/7
                 -  Limited Access to six (6) spacious treatment rooms
                 -  Limited Access to state-of-the-art hydraulic massage tables
                 -  Limited Access to premium company table-warmers
                 -  Limited Access to a prep station & private restroom
                 -  Limited Complimentary Parking
FULL ACCESS Includes Limited Access PLUS...
                  - Full Access to air-conditioned facility 7 days a week between 8am - 10pm
                 -  Full Access to priority room reservation & room selection
                 -  Full Access to a secured business office space for administrative work
                 -  Full Access to company blankets, pillows, linens, face-cradle covers and hand towels
                 -  Full Access to company massage creme (or provide your own)
                 -  Full Access to company neck, back and ankle bolsters
                 -  Full Access to on-site laundry and supplies
                 -  Full Access to company website marketing

Our Massage Therapists Are Responsible For:
                 -  Providing a superior massage therapy experience for clients
                 -  Customizing massage based on client needs and preferences
                 -  Providing a professional recommendation for next steps in a client's treatment plan
                 -  Creating SOAP/intake notes for each massage session
                 -  Manage your own booking & payment system

Qualifications and Skills
                  -  Must have completed (or in the process of completing) a Massage Therapist
                           educational program
                  -  Must hold or be in the process of obtaining a license or certification to apply
                  -  Must be fully licensed/certified to perform Massage Therapy prior to performing
                           sessions at the clinic
                  -  We love to speak with students, inexperienced, and experienced massage therapists
                            with a wide variety of experience from private, medical massage therapy, resort
                            spa/ medical spa experience, and much more.

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